6 Alonzo Road – North York Home For Sale – Jethro SeymourJethro Seymour

6 Alonzo Road: North York Home For Sale – Jethro Seymour, top Toronto real estate Broker

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159 Leacrest For Sale by Toronto Midtown Top Real Estate Broker, Jethro SeymourJethro Seymour

159 Leacrest | Home for sale in Davisville Village by Top 1% real estate Broker Jethro Seymour. Buying or selling call for expert advice – 416-712-0767

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How Does The iPhone 5S Stack Up as a Video Camera?

Richard Harrington did a good and detail preview on the new iPhone5S (How Does The iPhone 5S Stack Up as a Video Camera?)

The camera may be good for people who like to take selfie or pictures of food. They can post pictures on Instagram quickly. But for me, I think it is “recycling the old idea” to the new product. Continue reading

Fabulous: We need a Good Fashion Photographer

Image for a blog post about Hong Kong Fashion Photographer

Craig Daniel, George Clooney, Matt Damon Picture credit: http://www.imgur.com

Good Fashion + Good Fashion Photographer = Fabulous

The fashion industry is booming as designers are rushing to get their designs set for the change in season. Just as one season ends, a new season comes into demand and the fashion must be introduced to the world. There is no better way to have your fashion photographed than through a fabulous photographer. If you want to have quality pictures, you are going to need a professional, and this is the best Hong Kong Fashion Photographer out there. This photographer has been producing quality fashion shots in Hong Kong for several years, so they know how to capture the proper essence of your clothing line. Continue reading

Decorating a Rental Or How To Do It On A Budget

Is it worth for decorating a rental? This blog is about how you can do that within your budget. Check it out.

L' Essenziale Home Designs

Recently I shared with you photos of my bedroom makeover. As probably anyone else, who lives in a rented house I had to face the following challenges:

– Restrictions made by the owners. Luckily mine were quite flexible and allowed be to change the walls and ceiling finishes, however it doesn’t always happen.

– If you rent a house with furniture already, you have to accept that this is a given, so you can’t change it or get rid of it.

– And the last and probably the most  important challenge is the money issue, as many of us wouldn’t want to invest a lot of money in the refurbishment, if the house is not our property.

Today, I will mainly talk about the last point and will share some tips, where you can cut your costs when decorating a rental.

Where to save:

1) Does the brand really matter?

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Lesson from Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Charlie Hunnam portrait from a blog post about Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Christian Grey is Charlie Hunnam.
Charlie needs to have good portraiture.
Picture credit: http://www.theplace2.ru/

Follow up: Words from Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

As I said in my other blog about communication, portrait photography in Hong Kong is one of the professions that needs a lot of training and hard work. Photography may seem so very simple when viewed on the surface. However, it is really not an easy task. You have to constantly be growing while the profession grows as well. If it is your passion, you can pursue it with great endeavor. Continue reading