Review – Gone Baby Gone

One of my favorite crime movie. I wrote an article about Gone Baby Gone last year on Hubpages with the philosophical analysis. But, I like to see how others understand this movie as well.

A Door Into Movies

gone_baby_gone_xlg                                  Rating = ★★★★

Crime movies have taken place in a lot of cities. When you get down to it, though, there’s mainly a few that are most often re-visited. Boston seems to be the main one. It’s hard to explain, but everything comes off so much deeper and real. From the characters, to something as simple as the atmosphere. Gone Baby Gone is based from one of Dennis Lehane novels. Another one of his novels had already hit the big screen, Mystic River. Clint Eastwood directed. The bar was set extremely high in his suburb adaptation of Lehane’s compelling story. Which top tier director takes on this? That would be Ben Affleck, in his directional debut. His acting cannot even be compared to Clint Eastwood, but now he tries to see how good he can be behind the camera. He exceeds all expectations tenfold.

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