If in doubt, pinky finger out

Jane Austen’s Persuasion is a piece of art in literature. However, many question left for us to answer. This blog post has good analysis of this novel. Check this out.


Persuasion by Jane Austen

My book

In my previous review of Robinson Crusoe, I mentioned that I own a large collection of Collins Classics books, because they’re inexpensive. That isn’t the only link between Robinson Crusoe and Persuasion however. Persuasion was published 1818 – in the Georgian era, as I’m sure any Austen fan knows. Crusoe was also a product of this age. The only significance that this link has is to me. I have a personal project going at the moment, looking into Georgian literature – gothic novels, the romance movement etc. A few more reviews may be appearing from a similar time frame.

The Collins Classics collections have such a useless glossary at their back that I’ve begun to keep a dictionary on hand. I definitely haven’t been able to rely on that glossary to find out what any antiquated word means. You know the saying: if…

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