How Does The iPhone 5S Stack Up as a Video Camera?

Richard Harrington did a good and detail preview on the new iPhone5S (How Does The iPhone 5S Stack Up as a Video Camera?)

The camera may be good for people who like to take selfie or pictures of food. They can post pictures on Instagram quickly. But for me, I think it is “recycling the old idea” to the new product.

I have iPhone 4 only and I don’t want to change yet. I want to wait Apple develop a phone that can surprise everyone. However, I have been disappointed the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5S. I feel like Apple has lost certain spirit on creativity.

I got my iPhone 4 because my iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G could not update anymore and my iPhone 3G button was totally messed up. I had no choice and needed to update my iPhone 4. I did not like it much at first because this iPhone was made in glasses. I dropped it couple times and the screen was totally messed. I have to pay for more to replace the new iPhone 4. Apple disappointed me at the time already.

In fact iPhone 2G was impressed me a lot because it was the first smart phone in the market. I have dropped it more than 100 times and it still worked well. Sadly, this iPhone was not 3G and had only 2GB storage. I think iPhone 2G was the last time that Apple gave me the impression of “changing the industry.”

When I was a kid, Apple released iMac, PowerBook G4, and iPod. Every single products could cause everyone crazy and gave surprised to everyone. Many people believe that “that Apple product is going to change the world!” However, time goes by and Steve Jobs is not here anymore. The excited moment cannot be the same anymore. Apple has just “recycled” the old idea to new products and I could not feel the same excitement anymore.

A Blog post about iPhone 5S

Steve Jobs with iPhone 4 Picture Credit:

Hopefully iPhone 5S can change my idea after it release in the market. At least it has a new home button.


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