Lesson from Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Charlie Hunnam portrait from a blog post about Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Christian Grey is Charlie Hunnam.
Charlie needs to have good portraiture.
Picture credit: http://www.theplace2.ru/

Follow up: Words from Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

As I said in my other blog about communication, portrait photography in Hong Kong is one of the professions that needs a lot of training and hard work. Photography may seem so very simple when viewed on the surface. However, it is really not an easy task. You have to constantly be growing while the profession grows as well. If it is your passion, you can pursue it with great endeavor.

In order to promote your work, you have to provide your latest work. It is always best to tell people that you are active. You should follow the industry and be active in the industry. As photography needs to have many digital equipment, if one cannot demonstrate that he or she follows the trends in the industry, it is very difficult to make people believe that he or she is a good photographer today.  Photographer should always observe the trends in the industry. However, I am not saying that photographer should change his or her style because of the trend, but I am saying that the technology and trend can help the photographer demonstrate his activity in the industry. Similar to other industry, the portrait photographer needs to follow the industry with his or her unique style.

Anna Kendrick's Reaction GIF for a blog post about Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Feeling about bad photographers, not following the trend in the industry
Picture Credit: http://imgur.com/gallery/na0qb

My friend, Angel Andreu, who is a Hong Kong Portrait Photographer, always delivers good portraits of different people. You may wonder how he can do it. In fact, he has been in the market for many years. He has been following the trending in the industry which keeps him active. Producing a good and professional photography takes long times. It is a hard job to be creative, but if one can look at others’ work and get inspiration from them, that can be very helpful. (PS: Not copying others’ styles and works!)

In the perfect situation, the portrait photographer must have creative idea for better photography. He must be not remain idle in one side of the profession.  According to Angel, some photographers have the passion for learning new technique for improving the industry. Indeed, portrait photography is not only a profession. It is a kind of art that can show your imagination and can help ones prove to the world that you can be do the job.

Dakota Johnson sexy portrait. Is that for 50 Shades of Grey? Picture credit: http://way2enjoy.com/

Portrait photography is not a new trend, but the technology and production have been changed. It is very important to understand that portrait photographer is a full time job and it takes long time to achieve the goal.


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