The End Of Summer

The End of Summer. Should you move on? Check this blog post from Violet Young.

Thought Catalog

It’s easy to think that just because time has moved on, because it is no longer then, our adolescence, fifteen years ago, that the world has evolved a lot. The 14-year-old girl, a ringer for a famous beach volleyball player, is crouched on the bench in front of my house, trying to hide from whoever is currently “it” in the hide-and-seek game she’s playing with her summer friends, which include, generously, her three brothers ranging in age from 10 to 17. She seems so much older than 14, so much more mature, organized, and ambitious. But her world is still hide-and-seek and sneaking junk food from her mom’s kitchen to the house three doors down, and watching movies on a friend’s iPad, and yelling nonsensical things every now and then through the high screened windows at the front of the house, which can be heard by the grownups sitting…

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