On average, one good selfie needs 47 bad selfies. So, how do you do a good selfie? This blogger tells you the tips.


Top 10 Things You MUST Know About The World NOW

Do you think you are outdated? You should know what you should know now!


1) Making fanatical lists to attract people’s attention is a serious violation of an individual’s free time.

Now excuse me while I go watch one hour of cat videos and make a 2 min noodle meal.

2) Syria seriously twerk twerk bootay!

That is street lingo for— You have the option to filter the news that is going into your head. Stay informed, but don’t be swayed by biased opinions.

3) Reading books is essential for the thinker’s mind and the reader’s soul.

4) We can all be good at something. 

But to be exceptional — that’s takes practice and patience.

(now reread that in Morgan Freeman’s voice)

5) Did I mention reading books is awesome?

Old fashioned paperback, kindle or any nook or cranny will suffice, so long as the writing is good. Travel within the depths of your imagination without ever having to leave your bedside teddy…

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How Does The iPhone 5S Stack Up as a Video Camera?

Richard Harrington did a good and detail preview on the new iPhone5S (How Does The iPhone 5S Stack Up as a Video Camera?)

The camera may be good for people who like to take selfie or pictures of food. They can post pictures on Instagram quickly. But for me, I think it is “recycling the old idea” to the new product. Continue reading

Fabulous: We need a Good Fashion Photographer

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Craig Daniel, George Clooney, Matt Damon Picture credit:

Good Fashion + Good Fashion Photographer = Fabulous

The fashion industry is booming as designers are rushing to get their designs set for the change in season. Just as one season ends, a new season comes into demand and the fashion must be introduced to the world. There is no better way to have your fashion photographed than through a fabulous photographer. If you want to have quality pictures, you are going to need a professional, and this is the best Hong Kong Fashion Photographer out there. This photographer has been producing quality fashion shots in Hong Kong for several years, so they know how to capture the proper essence of your clothing line. Continue reading