Talk That Talk: Corporate Portrait is Necessary

I quite like the pictures, and also this is a public relation post. Check Talk That Talk: Corporate Portrait is Necessary out. Interesting article.


Hong Kong – A Paradise for Corporate Photography

A blog post about Hong Kong Corporate Photography – Hong Kong – A Paradise for Corporate Photography.

Good to have some information.

We All Like to Reblog

Yes, reblog is a good idea, but we need to respect this function, especially people working in SEO.

The Blog

Have you ever come across a blog post that you enjoyed so much you wanted to easily share it with the readers of your own blog? Sure, you can copy and paste the link and perhaps even a snippet of text with your own comments, but overall it’s not a particularly enjoyable experience. We wanted to change this and make sharing other posts with your readers as easy as posting to your blog.

Today we’re introducing a new like and reblog feature enabled across the whole of When you’re logged in to and viewing a post you’ll notice a new link in the admin bar at the top of the page. If you really enjoyed the post then you can click the “Like” link to signify this. This will then show the author how many readers liked the post.

You Like ThisOnce you’ve liked the post, the link will…

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